Uncle Gravely's Scary Stories Of Fright - "When You Wish Upon A Paw"

An Old Timey radio show painstakingly recreated by idiots. 

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The newest episode of Uncle Gravely's Scary Stories of Fright! Fred and Wanda's lives turn upside when they purchase a cursed monkey's paw at the fair. Who does that, right?

  • CAST
  • Brendon Small - Uncle Gravely
  • Dan Fulton - Fred
  • Becca Flinn - Wanda
  • Zak White - Gypsy
  • Kimmy Gatewood - Jackie
  • Ann Maddox - Security
  • Dustin Miles - Gruff Man

Written and created by Zak White

Engineered, produced, and recorded by Nick Gartner